Easy2Sync for Outlook

Easy2Sync for Outlook

Synchronizes Outlook's elements (contacts, emails, etc) between PCs
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Easy2sync for Outlook is an application created by ITSTH. It follows the same logic as Easy2Sync.The only difference is that this program synchronizes emails instead of files between two computers. It also synchronizes the calendar, tasks, contacts and almost everything that Outlook has. Actually, it creates a copy of your Outlook on the other computer.
The great thing about this synchronizer is that it does not matter whether you have one or many PST or what size they are, the files are still synchronized. However, this program is not only limited to Outlook. Easy2Sync also allows you to synchronize one Exchange Server with Outlook. This means that accounts from the server can be synchronized with Outlook and between two exchange servers.
The freeware version does a good job, but it is limited just to synchronizing emails. The Business version is a bit expensive, but the functionality speaks for itself.
Beware though, that sometimes the program creates duplicate emails depending on your configuration. Excluding this rare occurrence, Easy2Sync is a great program for Outlook.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Quick and easy to use


  • Can create duplicate files
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